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Costa Rica & Central America

  • Jose Corporan provides coverage in Costa Rica and Central America and is based in Costa Rica.


  • Jose has been a banker for over 30 years with three major international banks -  Bayerische Vereinsb ank, The United Bank of Kuwait and Wachovia Bank - based in New York, but with physica l presence in England, France, India, Argentina, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, Germany, Belgium, Kuwait and Holland.


  • Jose's career spans over many areas within International Banking, including Finance, Budgeting, Regulatory Compliance, AML, International Product Management, Investment Banking, Private Banking, Relationship Management, Money Market instruments, Foreign Currency trading, Credit and Operations Management, Staff Management, Cost Control, Regulatory and Financial Reporting and Risk Management.  He has also served as a Customer Service Executive focusing on high net worth international clients.


  • Jose earned his undergraduate degree at Pace University in NYC.






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