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Value Proposition


  • Wisteria Court was founded in 2011 on the premise that many companies, from start-ups to Fortune 500, could benefit from independent and solution driven financial advice from investment bankers with decades of relevant corporate finance experience. Wisteria Court’s client teams in New York, Brazil, Mexico, Chile & Panama aggregate more than 100 years of direct Latin America/Emerging Markets experience and approximately USD 50 billion of advisory & debt/equity deal execution. Our philosophy is to partner with select clients to maintain strict project focus and the highest standards of confidentiality. Recent assignments include acquisition financing, project financing, family office equity investment, equity financing, strategic advisory, private equity, liability management and capital restructuring.


  • Companies generally are quite competent in raising capital locally, establishing lines of credit with banks or raising its initial capitalization.  As the company grows and expands organically and inorganically, domestically and internationally, companies can benefit from different solutions across the capital structure and achieve better terms by seeking global market solutions from international banks and investors. To achieve this, company management must ask themselves:


  • Are internal personnel available and qualified to handle capital formation?

►Understanding of the current market conditions and cost of available capital in the global markets

►Identifying tier/type/structure of capital that best fits the need

►Ability to communicate to capital markets through written and verbal presentations

►Ability to identify strengths and weaknesses of the internal organization and/or proposed project

►What has been done before? What is reasonable to ask for?


  • Do you have the time required to:

►Design and prepare information to present to capital markets

►Track and manage multiple moving processes and maintain constant communication with numerous parties

►Analyze and negotiate agreements


  • Using an intermediary creates an improved dynamic in the negotiation

►May gain more information from the capital provider than if negotiated directly

►Creates & manages competitive price tension between banks

►Decision maker is removed from direct negotiation creating protection from forced commitments

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