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Mexico & Latin America

  • Alex Diaz covers Mexico &  broader Latin America and is based in Miami.


  • Alex has over 10 years of investment banking experience  working with companies in various industries, including Outdoor Media, Financial Services, and Publishing. He represented an important media group in the region in the acquisition of a larger regional publishing company targeting the business news segment throughout Central America. He carried out industry analysis, valuation, and sale of the largest outdoor media business operation in El Salvador.  Alex represented the largest outdoor media operator in Honduras in the sale of its main assets to a US based company. During the regional consolidation process being experienced in the financial services industry in Central America, Alex was involved in the sale of an insurance company, and two local banks. Represented a pension fund in Honduras in the negotiations and sale of several of the fund’s assets including 3 important radio frequencies in the country.


  • Alex was previously a Senior Associate at Provident Group where he was responsible for industry analysis, financial modeling, and memoranda preparation.  Alex was involved in advising Provident Group’s clients in Guatemala in the acquisition of distressed loans from Hamilton Bank through an auction organized by the FDIC in the US. Alex was also involved in designing and structuring a 3 phase capitalization program for one of the main financial groups in Central America.


  • Before Provident Group, Alex was an Independent Consultant for the IADB involved in supporting an e-commerce project for several microenterprises in Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Mexico.  Alex was also an Independent Consultant for the Inter-American Institute for Cooperation.


  • Alex holds a BA in Economics from Florida Atlantic University and an MS in Economics from INCAE Business School in Costa Rica.

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